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Summers GymMaster Tone Resistance Bands

The ultimate compact home gym by Fiona Summers, perfect to accompany your LegMaster®.

Through the use of resistance bands and a structured programme, the GymMaster grows with your fitness level and is ideal for building muscle and toning at home. Comes with a full workout poster, 4x DVDs (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Sitting) and complete tips/instructions/progress charts.

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Capable of many exercises for all over body fitness
Exercises include squats, shoulder press, oblique twists, and much more, for a full-body workout GymMaster comes with a Wall Chart and four full-length videos to guide you through the exercises and keep you on track.

11 reviews for GymMaster

  1. Mrs A Wright

    Good Exercise Regime, well demonstrated
    This is a fairly comprehensive package. The gym master comprises a padded bar with extra padding at neck and resistance bands at each side, The package also has a comprehensive pictorial wall poster with exercise guides and there are also 4 DVDs. I have not got a Dvd at the moment butI am experienced gym attendee and have had a good try out. I tried squats , oblique twists, arm and core exercises and had had enough but I foundd the chart really helpful. Because it is large I pinned it to the wall in my conservatory and could see it easily as I went through the exercises. I p little roomthink it is a good piece of equipment which is set up easily and put away just as easily. and it takes up no room

  2. Lauren Impey

    Great at home fitness kit
    This is a brilliant workout kit, love the whole lot! Very durable and great value for money for what you get. Would definitely recommend if at home fitness is your thing!

  3. Gaziano

    An excellent bit of kit, comes with a handy wall chart too, for full body workout

    The Gym master is a a great bit of kit for training in the home whether intense or just a few minutes a day.

    You can train all parts of your body from the comfort of your own home using just your body weight and this device and saving space and money on exercise equipment at the same time.

    The bar is very well made with comfortable grips and the resistance bands are thick and look good quality , robust and durable.

    It’s comfortable to hold and stretches well , you definitely feel the burn after a while , I’m more used to weight lifting but this is great for getting the blood pumping.

    I like that you get a good quality easy to follow wall chart with this piece of exercise equipment , so you can get the most out of your new exercise equipment and train all the muscles and body parts you want to.

  4. Vladimirs

    Worth to buy it
    Excellent set for a home exercises.
    The bar is very comfy to use and have an extra padding in neck area.
    Good bands, very handy while doing some special momements.
    Im very satisfied with this set. Thats what I was needed for my home gym.
    Definetly can recommend it to all.

  5. Bups & Pubs

    Keep Fit and Eat Healthy
    This is the Summers Gym Master Resistance Band / Bar Workout Set Including Bands Bar, 4 x DVD, Instructions / progress book and Wall Chart. Bar measuring 78cm in length.

    This set is everything you need for your home gym set up, it is basically a bar with 2 rubber resistance bands and foot hoops. You get 4 DVDs to guide you beginner, intermediate, advanced and seated (also included is YouTube links). The workouts are a real test, start at the beginners then move up through the steps. Once you get the feel of them you will know which set is for you. Some are more suited to women than men. The best thing is, if you find the bar is all too easy, you can just wrap the bands round the bar thus increasing the intensity resistance. So whether you want to do some simple beginner squats using the bar, or even curling or crunching, lying down, sitting or standing.
    I would recommend getting a yoga mat though, or you will carpet burn for all the wrong reasons! Makes it a bit more comfortable too.
    The best thing is, no need for a multi-gym or a gym visit anymore. Just get on these, and they take up little room when storing away.
    This is great for any family, or perhaps if you have not long had a kid and need to firm up certain places.

    Overall this is the price of a couple of months of gym subscriptions, so will pay for itself after two months. So with that alone it is more than worth it. Well recommended.

  6. Martin A.

    Great price, great piece of kit. Works well with Leg Master

    I bought both the Leg Master and the Gym Master. My wife loves the Leg Master and I am surprised at how much use I am getting out of the Gym Master. This works really well with the Leg Master as a combi to work muscles and really tone up. I’ve tried both and I’m impressed. My wife has been recommending this to friends. I think book group might have a change of format!

  7. MarieB

    Great for Home Workouts
    This Resistance Bands Workourlt set is great for home Workout, everything you need is inculed in the set, the set comes with Dvds to follow, if you no longer use dvds you can find full workouts on YouTube for this particular set, great for all over toning, can be stored away very easily and compact also, I would recommend.

  8. Ceric7

    Recommended for users at different levels of experience.
    his is an excellent and well produced package ideal for exercising at home in a relatively small space.

    The DVDs and You Tube videos are at different levels which is helpful for those new to this type of exercise and for more experienced users.

    There is also a wallchart to help you to get motivated. and the equipment is easy to use and light to carry.

    This will suit both those eager to start a toning regime or those who are already exercising.


  9. Sarugumo

    Enclosed in this pack are,

    4 x DVDs:

    A wall chart with clear pictures indicating how the exercises should be done

    And the Gymmaster itself.

    It has comfortable foam handles that you should be able to clean easily and a lightweight bar that still manages to feel sturdy. There are velcro loops that are adjustable to put your feet through.

    The tension bands feel secure and you are unable to remove these. You simply increase then tension by wrapping the tension bands around the handle as you improve in strength.

    This is great for a full body workout, particularly for toning muscles and is ideal for those who don’t have space for lots of equipment or who travel a lot, as it can easily be folded away.

  10. Shopaholic

    Resistance bands workout with 4 x DVD’s pilates bar

    This is like a gym workout with just one tool. The added bonus for me personally is the seated DVD. I have a few health issues, so sitting exercises are more appropriate for me from time to time. So where as I would do nothing, I have now been using this.
    Downstairs I didn’t have a DVD player, so I linked the laptop up to the TV originally, but now just bought a cd/dvd rom to plug into the TV which was easier for me. But also there are links to YouTube.
    You wouldn’t think a metal pole and some elastic bands could be so effective. A full-body workout with the minimal equipment, who would have thought it. So this is good for in the go too because if you’re away from the home it’s not gonna take up much space to just take with you if you wish.

  11. Whitelilydove

    Very versatile and comes with Instructions
    I have been doing a lot more home workouts since the pandemic and this is a great tool for the job.

    It provides a good workout that isolates certain muscles, the DVDs are easy to follow too. There are many different workouts you cam do with the bar, I did find the bands needed to be readjusted in between workouts to have more of a resistance. The handles are comfortable and are padded to make them easier to hold.

    It is easy to store away when not in use as I just use the box that it came in.

    I do wish the poster was a booklet as the poster is a bit big to put anywhere in the house.

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