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LegMaster® – Life Changing Fitness

LegMaster® has helped Millions of women worldwide to take back control.

Just 60 seconds per day allows you to achieve greater core strength, working hard to reach muscles in the pelvic floor, legs, abs. Loved by women, and now increasingly used by men too. LegMaster® has helped a wide range of groups to improve fitness including pilates, yoga, martial arts, running, and the elderly and less able.

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Lower body exerciser helps slim, trim, and tone the legs, abs, and pelvic floor in just 60 seconds a day.

Created to work out legs, abs, and buttock muscles and with the flexible bar also includes your arms with the upper body. LegMaster® targets your inner thighs, outer thighs, buttock, hips, and core muscles to tighten and tone them. Use your own bodyweight to train muscles. Targets adductor and abductor muscles which are normally hard to isolate. Helps to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and strengthens weak muscles associated with incontinence. Unique lateral gliding rails. Firms and tones your lower body. Activates lower abdomen and pelvic floor. User time can be as little as 60 seconds.

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12 reviews for LegMaster®

  1. gwinter

    Just a minute a day, you’ll be amazed. I love the legmaster. I have been using it for only a minute a day and have seen results already. It really strengthens your pelvic floor and has made my legs so much stronger. For only a minute a day, it really is amazing. I strongly recommend getting one.

  2. Anon

    Easy to use. Great exercise

  3. Red Jamie

    I watched those ladies on this machine and thought it looked pretty easy. I figured since I have exercised all my life I could do 100 the first day I received it. I struggled to do 30 repeats. It was really hard. I kept at it though probably 10 times a day. I am now up to 45 reps I have lost 2” on my thighs.
    I must say I really look forward to getting on it. I use it every day. Pretty good for a 74-year-old woman!

  4. Tove

    Great for urinary incontinence / pelvic floor! I always thought this was just a thigh toning machine, until I read that Fiona Summers asked her husband to invent something that would fix her urinary incontinence after she’d had 4 babies. She said her incontinence was so bad it was difficult for her to go grocery shopping. So her husband invented this machine & it worked for her.

    I’ve only had the Leg Master for several days & it’s already made a big difference for my incontinence. It does what it’s supposed to do. It’s important to read the directions thoroughly & perform the movements as instructed.

    Several times a day I hop on & do as many reps as I can, which is only 20 at a time right now. I haven’t been sore, but it definitely strengthens, tones, lifts & tightens all the muscles between my waist & knees, including the pelvic floor.

    Putting it together was easy after I realized the adjustment knobs need to be unscrewed all the way until they’re very loose before you can slide the poles into their sockets.

  5. Foxy

    The product arrived damaged I contacted the seller and all is well.

  6. Anon

    Love it works great!

  7. Peter J

    My wife loves this and challenged me to have a go. OMG! I struggled to do a minute! It REALLY works muscles I haven’t used for a while. I’m not addicted and have a bash almost every day. I am a runner and it’s helped my core fitness no end! It’s not just for women that’s for sure.

  8. Gbear

    This really works! My pelvic floor is like a 20-year-old again! I just LOVE this product and what it does for my pelvic floor! I feel like a 20-year-old again. I jump on every day for as long as I can and continue to increase the time every other day…. give it a chance, as it really does work and you WILL see amazing results!

  9. Goofykar

    Start slow and just keep using it. You will get better at it, and will then start to see results.

  10. Holly A.

    Easy to use and works inner thighs. Would definitely recommend this. You can feel it work immediately.

  11. James B.

    I was amazed using this product. I had continuous issues with various sports and using this piece of kit has massively prevented further injuries. Literally none! I’m guessing the core muscles are critical after all!

  12. Sandra Sinnett

    I have replacements in both knees, checked with my dr, she said ok, 2 weeks in, and no issues. Easy and is doing what it says it should do. Very good purchase, really happy I bought it.

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