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Life Changing Fitness

The Summers brand has come a long way over the last 40 years. Fiona Summers is a passionate pioneer of fitness and together with her innovative husband Neil have enabled many customers worldwide to achieve life-changing fitness.

From early origins in Japan, great success has been achieved in many fitness areas across over 40 innovative product ideas. Neil became an entrepreneur when an arthritic condition forced him to leave the Marines and there was no other way of deploying his fitness expertise. One of Neil’s first innovative hits was the Backstretcher, a product sparked by Neil’s own health issues. Later came Legmaster®, inspired by Fiona who after four children (now 5) was looking for an effective toner that produces impressive results in many areas including bladder control.

Also in the Summers range, GymMaster is the perfect piece of all-over body fitness equipment. Versatile and transformative workouts across Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels, and also exercising sitting down for those less able, or as part of recovery regime.

The LegMaster® is a compact, easy-to-use tool that works way more muscles than you’d expect. The best part is, its compact design allows you to get your pump on even while you’re sitting at a table or desk.

Life changing fitness with Legmaster
LegMaster Worldwide

Worldwide Success

LegMaster® has been licensed in several world markets including Asia, Australia, and the USA.  It has featured regularly on America’s flagship shopping channel QVC and has been an enormous success.

This simple but highly effective piece of exercise equipment REALLY WORKS! Even though the main market is women, who are quicker to adopt something that has the ability to target areas critical for core strength, toning, definition, and bladder control, it is also becoming hugely popular with other groups.

Life changing fitness with Legmaster

Works for everyone

Two of the largest expanding markets for LegMaster® and GymMaster have been Men and older customers.  Here are examples of other groups  who have achieved ‘life changing fitness’ using the Summers range:

Runners – core muscle strength, especially around the inner thigh and buttocks is critical for runners and prevents backache and injury when muscle groups become fatigued and pass on the stress.

Pilates, Yoga & Martial Arts – All these exercise techniques/sports have a wide range of targets when it comes to strength and fitness. LegMaster® and GymMaster have proved to be a brilliant combination to augment fitness in these groups.

Elderly and less able – We have seen a big uptake of the Summers range with our elderly and less able customers. Sitting exercises with LegMaster® and GymMaster take fitness in these groups to a new level. Re-enabling them to live life to the full and build confidence in everyday activities that were previously challenging. Many then start to use the Summers range standing. Now that’s real improvement!

LegMaster for everyone
Life changing fitness with Legmaster


Pelvic Floor Exerciser – Toner for Women – Home Gym Fitness, Pilates Exercising Trainer, Bladder Control, Exercise Muscle Workout in just 60 seconds



Gym Master – with 4 x DVD’s Pilates Bar Yoga Stick Home Training Equipment Exercise Full Body Toning Band Kit 4 x DVD plus Wallchart Extra Padding for Neck


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